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actionsStudent NameGenderPoViaBlock DistrictScholarshipYearDescriptionNeedsSchool
Sipan Kumar Nayak    Sambalpur2004  Kusumi M.E. School
Dinesh Kumar Sahoo    Sambalpur2004  Kuntara Nodal U.P.
School, Sambalpur
Rijuwana Patel    Sambalpur2004  Laidaguna U.P. School
Sidhant Kumar Nayak Laida   Sambalpur2005  Bhagipalli U.P. School
Brundabana Meher Laida   Sambalpur2005  Bhagipalli U.P. School
Jogesh Chandra Sahu    Sambalpur2005  Golamal U.P. school
Chinmaya Bhoi    Sambalpur2005  Kinaloi Nodal U.P. School
Rinku MundaF  RengaliSambalpur2005  Nua Rampela Govt. U.P.
Pratika Jaiswal    Sambalpur2005  Kusumi T.O. U.P. M.E.
Jyotimayee Rana    Sambalpur2005  Jagannath Nodal U.P. M.E.

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