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actionsStudent NameGenderPoViaBlock DistrictScholarshipYearDescriptionNeedsSchool
Ashima rani PradhanFLastala  Bargarh2008  Lurupali U.G.U.P.School
Puspanjali sahooFAttabira AtabiraBargarh2008  Kandapali U.P.School
Sefali Dehuri Ambabhona AmbabhonaBargarh2009  Block Colony U.G.U.P
Sushree Dash Baragarh AttabiraBargarh2009  Debahal Nodal U.P School
Manish Kumar Pradhan Baragarh AttabiraBargarh2009  Debahal Nodal U.P School
Karunakara Deep Baragarh AttabiraBargarh2009  Janhapara U.P School
Subrat Hial RengalicampAttabira AttabiraBargarh2009  Ladarpali U.G High School
Suraj Mohapatra Bargarh BaragarhBargarh2009  Gandhi Memorial M.E
Suneina Pradhan Baragarh AttabiraBargarh2009  Lastala Nodal U.P School
Umesh Tandakar Baragarh BaragarhBargarh2009  Barahagoda U.G.U.P School

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