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actionsStudent NameGenderPoViaBlock DistrictScholarshipYearDescriptionNeedsSchool
Suraj raj BhoiM  KhaprakholBolangir2004  Govt. U.P. School,
Suparna Priyadarshini
F  KhaprakholBolangir2005  Govt. U.P. School
Mamita MeherFMahulbahali   Bolangir2005  Govt. U.P.School Jharani
Damodar BaghF  KhaprakholBolangir2005  Govt. U.P. School
Holeswar Singh BarihaM  KhaprakholBolangir2005  Govt. U.P. School
Anita BiswalFKhaprakhol KhaprakholBolangir2006  Govt. U.P. School
Sushree Surabhita BeheraFLoisingha LoisinghaBolangir2006  Govt. U.P. School
Kanaklata Nag    Bolangir2007  Govt U.P.School
Bisweswari Patel    Bolangir2007  Govt U.P.School,Duduka
Rachismita KuanrF  KhaprakholBolangir2007  Govt

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