Current Fundraising Goals

Our 2024 fundraising goal is to raise $70,000 to provide boarding assistance to about 150 very poor nursing students enrolled in a 3-year General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) program in the Bhubaneswar area. Can you support one poor nursing student at $500 a year for 3 years? Of course any amount you donate is appreciated. Other than that, we have several livelihood, education, and sustainabiity projects for the needy communities. We are also raising funds for our partner SPADE.

You can search to verify SEEDS foundation status on the web, with our EIN: 74-2723080

Donate to SEEDS in US dollars

There are multiple ways to donate to SEEDS: By Zelle, check, or online using Venmo or PayPal (Listed below roughly in order of increasing transaction costs.)

  1. If you are a domestic Zelle subscriber, your debit/bank account can be used without additional processing fees deducted — use our Zelle email donate@seedsnet.org or scan the Venmo qrcode below.
  2. Checks may be mailed to SEEDS, 9617 Mariposa Street, Houston, Texas 77025.
  3. To donate by credit card, scan the PayPal qrcode below.
  4. By PayPal on the web, click HERE.
Pay using PayPal QR Code

Donate to SEEDS-India in Indian Rupees using RazorPay or UPI

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